Monday, June 9, 2014

6/9/2014 5 Rainbows and a lot of Walking

So I already wrote dad a good bit of whats going on here, but we have a lady who wants to be baptized, and they divorcement of her future husband with his ex wife just got done so now we gotta marry them and baptize them and they've already put the goal of getting we are good to go. I'm pretty excited for that.
Here are some pictures of a BBQ Bolivian style (mom dad looks like we will be eating this a couple times with you, its the delicacy you could say of Bolivian cooking) its one of the more costly things so its rarely eaten here, only for special occasions. There where 5 rainbows this week, 2 of those five where in a "double rainbow" one day. It was really cool. The other picture is taking a break from walking on the train tracks. WE WALK SOOOO MUCH HERE. Ill never get used to it. My shoes wont either. It looks like they will last JUST long enough to see the states...

have not gotten a letter from him this week. Mom, three favors for when you come.
This week TWO of my converts got their mission call!!!!!!! One the argentina the other to mexico.
But I would like to give them a gift, a tie for each one. And a oil container (forgot the name) for Ozman, don't know if you remember me writing about him but we will be having a steak lunch with him and his family when you get here.
Do you think you could get a couple gifts together? Its goes a LONG way in the latin culture. 

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