Monday, June 16, 2014

6/16/2014 Little Claw!

SO this week I will not be writing, ALL of my best friends from the mission are finishing up their missions this week so they are writing me like locos. The first picture is an activity that we did with the elders quorum. They seriously are the best, one of them brought an investigator and it was a bunch of fun. The other is of me and one of the 4 parrots that my house has. If you don't say "little claw" before trying to pick it up, it will bite you, very hard. The next is of the sisters that are in our ward, they are great friends of us, and one of them goes home this week....
That's about all. Thanks for the letters and pictures, love you all.

And just so you all know I have decided my major. I will be Majoring in the Engineering of Business Operations.
I realize this does not exist. But Its the only thing I can think of to make you guys happy with the engineering side of thinks, but with my business side of I'll be "building" businesses!

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