Monday, May 5, 2014

5/5/2014 "The Rescuer"

I'll keep it short as I understand that something somewhat important will take place finishing this week.
I've been given DOUBLE DUTY. President obviously doesn't want me getting lazy or flaking out on working hard, so he gave me yet ANOTHER elder to train. But not just any elder, an elder that hasn't even gotten to the MTC yet. In fact, he's so new, he doesn't even have a name tag, I took my new one, got a piece of paper and permanent mark, wrote his name, and tapped it on top of my name tag and gave it to him. Im using the one I had retired. So that's fun.
This week we rescued two more . I'm on a rescuing spree here hahaha, they call me the rescuer.. and one of the sisters that we rescued has a son that we are going to baptize this Saturday too. It'll be great.
The picture is of a drunk guy whose butt cheeks were showing, and the other is of the T shirts we bought in a famous fair that goes on in my area every Thursday. Its  used American clothes that they sell here SUPER CHEAP every Thursday, and all of Santa Cruz comes to it, its pretty hard to get to our appointments those days but its alright. My shirt that has no stains or nothing was 3 dollars  Its was a great buy for me.
Have fun this week everyone, but stay safe

I swear it wasn't me......

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