Tuesday, April 29, 2014

4/29/2014 The Mission is.. THE BEST TWO YEARS!

So this week went by super fast! Me and my "hijo" (son or Elder that I'm training) are tearing it up here in the "La Canada". The ward council was really happy with our work this week in ward council. It made me feel great because after I thanked the council, a counselor from the stake Presidency said "no, we owe all the thanks to you guys and your hard work. We really appreciate all you're doing for us" and then I thought about Heavenly Father, and I thought wow, he must be pretty content with us too.

We got a family "rescued" this week. It was a very very young family of convert of five years that has already been sealed in the temple but due to distractions of four little young boys, they gave up the fight for a little while of trying to get everyone up and ready for church. Well, those lazy days are over. He was and is one of the wards secretaries and just a really cool, chill guy. They are only 24 and 25 years old!!

We have two baptisms planned for the 10th. One is for a lady of about 55 years old and we sat down recently with her and really just got all of her doubts and questions answered about the first introduction of the Book of Mormon she had been readying, her ex neighbors (a RM who is our best friend her and his wife) are helping her and us out a ton with this experience. Its great to have him alongside her to teach her as a friend, these things that scarred her in the begging, things she couldn't grasp or comprehend.
Well today I was reading exodus 28....wow. If you want a chapter for temple preparation go there. While I was readying it I thought "ahhhhh are they allowed to write this for the public?" hahaha but I understand that what we do as latter day saints is nothing new to God.
Love you guys. Stay safe.

So maybe I went a bit crazy here with the photo shoot......

We went to the Botanical gardens this last week as a zone. Thats my companion hanging there upside down. I love our companionship.

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