Monday, May 12, 2014

5/12/2014 Rainy Soccer Pool

It was lightly drizzling last Monday...took some pics, thought you guys would  like to see what Im up to.
We played soccer with a couple ward members there in that "soccer court" (more like a pool) and I slipped and hit my head on the ground. Luckily my head didn't split open.
That's all the news I got for now.

Emailing with difficult Austin:

Celeste:  Whoa whoa whoa.  That can't be all.  Tell me more!  What is the area like?  Have you been in poor areas?  Where do you do your laundry?  What do you eat on a regular basis?  MORE PLEASE!

Austin:  Ughhhh....My area is mixed..paved and dirt roads. There are no nice houses in this area. Its a very "middle class" for santa cruz. Brother Pedre comes by every Monday to pick up dirty clothes and delivers it every Wednesday cleaned and ironed for 150 bolivianos every month... I eat rice and chicken.

Celeste: Oook... At least tell me how much 150 bolivianos is in dollars..

Austin:  like 25 dollars.


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