Monday, May 19, 2014

5/19/2014 Fruits of the Mission

So I received an email today from a young man I baptized in my first area. 20 months ago its been since I've talked to him. I ran into a member that had his number and sent him a text this week with my email address.
He wrote me and wonderful email about how the gospel has blessed him in his life and how he remains being the ONLY Mormon in a catholic family.
Even better he wrote " I wanted to let you know that what you brought into my home as changed my life. I have sent in my mission papers and am waiting for my call. I will be sure to let you know where I am going."
There is nothing sweeter than that. Even sweeter than hearing that someone was sealed in the temple. Why? Because now this convert will be the reason that many more will be sealed in the temple, and its almost guaranteed that he himself will get sealed in the temple too after the mission.
What more can I ask for in this work?

ps here's a pic of the four brothers of a family that we rescued.

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