Monday, April 21, 2014

4/21/2014 A Successful Week!

I'm not going to lie. This week was very successful for us. We had a lovely surprise this Sunday. In the morning I called a new investigator that we had only taught once. She lives five blocks from the church. I called and asked if we could come by and pick her up to go to church. She said no. What the heck? I was mad. She said don't worry, I know where it is. For those of you who weren't missionaries that usually means that they aren't coming. Well, we moved on, 3 family of less actives that we have been teaching came back to church, and one of the family has a little boy of 9 years we have to baptize. So we were pretty happy right? Well, after the sacrament was passed around my cell starts vibrating, who could it by? Her! Ruth is her name. She says "I'm headed over" I told her we would be waiting in the door for her. She came. Liked the meetings and made a great friend that we presented to her. Later in the night we went over to teach her with her new friend and the first counselor. It was a GREAT lesson. This week we have a family of 3 that will be officially"rescued" its a really really young family that's already been sealed in the temple so it was high priority for the ward counsel to get them back.
That's a bit of the good news from this side of the world. The work continues, this ward has grow by 20 more attendances since we got here three weeks ago. I'm pretty positive in this time of my mission with where I'm at, who I'm with, and the way the Lord has blessed me in my mission. LOVE YOU ALL.

Family there is a guy here in my ward that makes covers for scriptures. Each one is 20 dollars. If any one wants one let me know, he makes them out of Tiger fur or alligator or iguana skin or snake. You can put what ever scripture engrave with your name. Be creative!! For about 30 dollars he can even make it close with tiger claws!!! Its pretty much a once in a life time opportunity to get something so customize so exotic as tiger fur so if you want something let me know. He works REAL hard to try to pay make some medical bills for his wife. Hes a RM just trying to do the best to get along for his wife and kids, don't feel pressured by just know it would be a great cause. Plan it out good and let me know for next week!!!

Even "gospel art" pictures he can put on there....

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