Monday, March 31, 2014

3/31/2014 Back in La Pampa!

So hey family,

Guess what, I now don't have to take calls from sick/angry/or emotionally stressed Sisters......why? CUZ I'M NOT A ZONE LEADER, I'M TRAINING!!!!!! My "first anointed" son as i would like to call him is from Peru and he just got baptized himself a year and a half ago. I am a missionary for him too because I have to teach him things like who was the last prophet before Pres. Monson and stuff like that. But the kid is super street smart with maps and stuff... Im back in my old zone of "la pampa" but a different area. I already ran into my favorite brother from that ward and right now walking to this internet an old investigator that gave his testimony the second time that he came to church in front of everyone hahaha...he didn't get baptized for reasons of his family but yeah..Its a small world in this mission.
So we already have a family who wants to get married and baptized that we found asking for references, and a little boy from the ward who is 9 years old. And a family that already came back to church because of our visits! The lord honestly has blessed us in the start of this area. We are "opening" the area because the last sisters who were working here were sick so they had nothing going on in this area.....the ward after sacrament meeting came to us saying "when can we go out to teach with you guys?" hahah that's the first time I've ever seen that. Its because they were all so tired of pure sister missionaries in their ward for 3 straight years.
I'm excited to be focused on PURE missionary work and not trying to be a secretary, a house keeper, a mover, a counselor, and a psychiatrist all at the same time....Love you all. Try to find a reference to give to give the nearest missionaries. It could be anyone! But "just do it." -NIKE

This is how hard we are working....
Now that I write that.... you could interpret that two ways couldn't you? But this is the after effect of how hard we work haha...

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