Monday, March 24, 2014

3/24/2014 Getting a facial - YOLO!

So the daughter of my convert gave me a free facial. She works in that field and she did it right there in their house, it was kinda scarry because im in Bolvia and she was using a needle to break open all of my imperfections and my face was bleeding nbad and stuff, but I think Im better now. It hurt SOOOOOO much haha, I started sweating because of the pain hahah. ontop of it I was sunburned from the days activities.

THe other picture is from a "swap" that I had with the secratary of the mission., This is what we found in his area. For those of you who dont know "YOLO" means "You only live once". Before I left, that was the big saying for all the youngsters .And the other sign literally did say "you only live once" in english and everything!

So this week was interesting- all the secretarys (theres four of them) and the brother incharge of transportation,were telling me that I was probably goign to be the new assistant to the President. THe only problem was that I dont have too much time left. The assistants as well where saying that So it was interesting to think for a second. Anyway, Elder Grow from the 70s came and the first day it was just us Zone leaders and him. Face to face, asking us questions about the work here in our zones. We had a conversation a couple timesme and him and it was awesome. Then, the next day the whole mission joined us. He taught us about revelation and I learned a TON! Then President stands up and said that Elder Grow wanted him to say who the new assistant was. Guess what! Its a Gringo who has 6 months and has never even been district leader haha! Reveltion is awesome!!!! President continued to say that this transfer thats coming that he is gong to "Lower" the zone leaders and "raise" The new guys. Im VERY excited for this. Itll be interesting to see how the mission reacts with little experience. But thats what the revelation said so we will go forward with it.

Our investigators are good. Still progressing, but looks like Ill have to leave them, as I will be going to a different area this week. FINALLY, after seven months hahaha...

Love you guys so much.

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