Monday, February 3, 2014

2/3/2014 2 Quick Stories..

So two quick stories...
So saturday night/sunday morning was crazy. At 12 am we got a call from the sisters in our ward. They called and said that the one was terribly sick and throwing up and everything, a couple hours previously she had already had a preisthood blessing by her District Leader (looks like his preisthood dosen't work haha just kidding) and these sisters didn't know what else to do! I called the secretary of health for them and he told me to pick them up and take them to the clinic. We arrived at 1 am in the morning. She wanted another blessing (but of comfort because she already had one of health for the same problem) so we did that and then the doctor and nurse started doing there things and we where just like well...what do we do know. We didn't want to ask the sisters if we could leave because they obviously would've said yes if they had wanted us to stay. So we waited for them to tell us to go home and get some sleep....but they never did!!! The one that was healthy just talked my ear off until morning in the waiting room while my companion was laid out on the benches. We left at 7 in the morning after tracking down some medicine....
But right before we left, a ladie found us and asked "elders, can you give my daugter a blessing?" and we said of coarse right? So we follow her to the room where her daughter was at and she looked shell shocked, super super out of it.. I explained the blessing of health and asked her what the problem was so that we could know what to ask for. This is how she responded.... "IM IN LABOR AND THE BABY'S A MONTH EARLY! AND ITS COMING RIGHT NOW!!!!" .........hahahah I was dumb founded. Almost forget the words of the blessing because of the pressure, but we made it out alive. It was crazy intense.
Other experience I had was in sacrament meeting. The Relief Society President from ten years ago went inactive...she has been inactive for 9 years and has reciently started coming back every sunday to church. This sunday she bore her testimony and gave thanks to me and my companion for not giving up on their family (I've worked with them now for six months) and I felt so humbled for the Lord using me how he has in this area. I can't understand how he has put so much trust in the hands of a 20 year old boy. After the meeting she had an interview with the stake president who happened to be in the ward this week and it lasted for an hour and a half!! Talk about an interview.

I cried about 12 times in that sacrament meeting honestly. I wanted to give my testimony but I knew I couldn't because I wouldn't be able to get any words out- as I thought about what I would have like to have said I started crying haha..I think it was mostly because I had only slept 2 hours that night, and was emotionally drained and without any defense at all, as well as it was fast sunday and my body had nothing left in it haha... But the spirit was so strong for me.
That's what I've got to say. The picture with the member is that man that we  "rescued" that is 24 years old and isn't married and already has a baby. He had always planned on going on a mission but got lost along the way, but now is "found."
       Elder Ure
Mision Santa Cruz de los Milagros

Email to Celeste:

Ew! How ugly! Nahhhh just kidding hahaha  (picture of Bryce)
I actually have a great story to tell every one this week, but I LOVE your questions.
1. The craziest thing that I have eaten here (taking into acount I have refused a couple times) little friend rat thingys and cow toung. They like to fry cow stomach and its NASTY. Its like a piece of rubber with the taste of litteral poop. I tell the sister that is going to cook for me at the bigging of the area that I dont eat cow stomach or liver, they like doing that one too.....
2. Weirdest animal....ostridge or an armadillo...or one time there was this one ant eater thing on a leash...they where walking it like a dog. But monkeys are real fun too.
3. coolest person, in terms of things theyve seen or done?? Honestly not sure, but onetime we were teaching some one whos grandma was always there and was 102 years old!! Poor thing couldnt hear or see anything.

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  1. Nice shirt tool!!

    Great stories. Nice work putting your priesthood to work.

    Nice job standing by those sisters despite the inconvenience. It good traing for down the road...the real world.
    Love JUre