Monday, February 10, 2014

2/10/2014 6 months in Canoto

Well, I just found out that Im staying yet ANOTHER transfer here in Canoto. By the time I leave I will have had 7 and a half months here. This zone, just so you all know would be like the Barrington of Chicago. Or Aurora if any of you remember that city...its got the most money out of the entire mission as well as the most sisters.....and the sisters are ALWAYS sick haha. Im stressed out, and not sure why president wants me here. In my entire mission I have never met a Zone Leader who stayed in the same zone for more than six months. This week I complete six months here.
Im going to try and figure out the reason why the Lord wants me here but I honestly am not sure....
We baptized the FIRST members of this one city this week. His city dosent have the church, but he always comes to stay with his aunt (relief society president) here in santa cruz. He is SUPER smart. He wants to serve a mission and already was paying tithying. He for sure will be the first district president of this little town where he lives.
I got nothing else to tell you all. But I love you all. And hope that you all can come down with dad and mom to pick me up. Thatd be awesome, but I know you all are going to be very busy in August.
       Elder Ure
Mision Santa Cruz de los Milagros

So here is Elder Boman and I goofing around last pday and the other is with the Relief Society President and her nephew that we baptized. I had to baptize him three times because he floated like a boat!! I litterally had to use all my muscle to get him 100 percent under the water hahah! It was funny because right before I thought to myself "18 months of perfect baptisms, Ive never once messed up on the words or anything.." and then that happened hahahah.

This is a "noche blanca" the zone had. It means a white night. Seven where baptized. No, I am not that tall, but I was standing a ledge....

Here is the entire zone, its actually missing a couple more. The other picture is the buddy of mine that I suggested to President that he should be sec. Hes awesome.

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