Sunday, January 19, 2014


Just so you know, I write this letter a little bit upset and unsure of some things. Im have just been informed from my best friends that they will most likely not be returning to USU and want me to apply to UVU and BYU and room with them. As you all know, I of course will not be doing that. Im sure mom and dad right now are saying "good, no distractions for when he gets home" But honestly these are future life long friends that I now will not be able to room with.

Any way, to stop my crying. This week was intersting. The last week I wrote President and mentioned to him that this North American that lives here in my house with me would make a GREAT secretary to the President. Well, this week he came to our sacrament meeting because they put in a new Bishop and afterwards he talked with this North American and guess what....hes the next secretary. It made me happy to know that President values my word, and that he really trusts in my advice.

We found a family that are great and have a kid of 17 years who wants to be baptized and his parents say its okay with them and he has expressed his desires to be a missionary as well. I am very excited to teach him. His baptism date is the 8th of Feb. 

Yesterday in Sacrament meeting I was first thinking of the families and investigators that have a baptism date, but that fell through on us. I was very sad, and disappointed that they didn't come. I then turned my thoughts to the Savior and how he must feel when we "fall through on him", when we dont complete his word. You would think that by now in my mission I would be used to having investigators not coming to church, and that it shouldn't suprise me much, but it does. It hurts. I believe that Christ is the same way with each one of us. It physically hurt him and continues to give him sadness when one of us messes up. I was able to feel just a little bit closer to Christ in those moments yesterday in sacrament meeting.

These are some of the things I have learned this week. I pray for every single on of you individually in my prayers. Love you all.

       Elder Ure
Mision Santa Cruz de los Milagros

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