Monday, February 17, 2014

2/17/2014 Family of 4 to be Baptized & Santa Cruz Info

Soooo this week we had transfers. I'm still freakin here in the center of the city. Looks like President wants to watch me real close. Including he came to my sacrament meeting this week hahaha....

They sent me an AWESOME companion. He's from Argentina, hes a bit chubby, loud, funny, and demanding. He will whip the zone into shape. He is a brand new zone leader so he will be the third zone leader I'll have trained.
We have a family that a long time ago were receiving the missionaries but then stopped. Well about six months ago we were sent to go contact them again and they didn't want us. The guy was too busy for us with his business. Well, a week ago he had a terrible accident, and he's a new person. It makes me and my companion laugh when he asks questions like "and what can we do to get ourselves closer to Christ" or when his wife was hesitant to accept baptism he said "oh come on dear, you need to be blessed in your life, let's just do it." hahah they will be a family of four to baptiz
e! That's a lot for me hahah.....
So that's whats going on this week. I love you all and hope to receive pictures from everyone from this coming week...
       Elder Ure
Mision Santa Cruz de los Milagros

This is what the wife of the stake president as well as the relief society president made together for you guys. These ladys love me haha...shortly you will get to know the two of them.
In the city:
The plaza "24 of Sept" - its the center of the city with tons of shopping and its the place where the spanards first founded when then came to santa cruz.
Cabains of the River Pirai, you can find all the tipical food there and get to know the culture, its mainly for tourist and would be great to get a feel of the live here, but still safe because its for white people I think haha.
30 mins outside the city is a place with a ton of pools and its beautiful
"La Rinconada" a recreacional place with resturant and natural things its supposedly very beautiful to relax and enjoy. It might be something like a botanical gardens im guessing.
Outside the city.
"las Cuevas" they are waterfalls that are very beautiful and is about 90 kilomoters outside the city (Im sorry Im not sure how far that is but I dont really have the resources or time or permission to look everything up with more detail)
Small Volcano Lake- its a hotel en a tall place and has a passway that is very pretty and you can stay there and eat and take pictures and stuff
"El Fuerte de Samaipata" its about 5 kilomotros after the "Cuevas" (waterfalls) and this place is a old fortress that HAS to be from the nefites. You gotta go up to this look out point to see the biggest engraved rock in the world. It was made from ancient civilazations.This city has a little town that has ideal weather its very calm and has a hotel that is ideal to stay the night.
Hotels suggested:
A ex mission president stayed in a hotel called "canciller" in the street "ayacucho" right there neer the center plaza (24 of Sept) Or the Hotel "Los Tajibos" or the Hotel "Cortez". I passed by that hotel one time and it looked great. Look that one up "hotel cortez" thats where the transporting friend of mine told me too.
Thats everything Ive got. Please use Google to get more details but please dont forget I want to go to the temple of Cochabamba!!! That will be my most waited of all.....

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