Monday, December 2, 2013

12/2/2013 Fruits of the Work of Salvation

This week started out with a conference with President Willard and the rest of the other Zone Leaders and it was basically focusing on how we as leaders shouldn't be crying because we "cant" do something or our zones don't want to work.  We should focus on influencing the zone, but more importantly our own ward councils by the attributes of Christ. Every one was complaining Monday night in a "family night" in the house of President about things that are going "wrong" in the mission and President put it DOWN on every one the next morning.

He said the day of "cant" is over. And that we had to think for ourselves of solutions. He is awesome. I'm not sure how longer I want to be ZL anymore, the new generation of ZL´s are whiners and think they are too cool for school. The zone has an interview with Pres. tomorrow, I'm thinking about sharing with him my desire to train.

Anyway. This week Carlos Melgar blessed the sacrament the first time in his whole life. It was soooo awesome to see. The Melgar family also brought their friend to church who accepted baptism this week when we taught him. But the real accomplishment of the week is Ozman Chavez. This man is 55 years old. We were going to drop him because after two months of teaching him he hadn't attended church. Even the ward mission leader said he only liked learning. But the week before, he came to church and this week too. Last night we taught him (more like he taught us) for 2 hours. Which is not advisable to teach for that long, but it was a conversation about the gospel that was so natural  it was ridiculous. All the leaders of the ward that have visited him with us have left saying, or have told him straight to his face that he will be a leader in the church because his light of Christ is SOOO bright. He analyzes the principles and then internalizes them to form a testimony that is unshakable. He paid his tithing already, 100 Bolivianos. That's a lot for here....

That's really all I got. His date to be baptized is the 21st. Keep him in your prayers. His family is next, he has a surety that his family will follow him after.

the second picture is Bolivia in a nutshell. This is a picture of a lady with her boy picking through the garbage of my condominium. She will find all the best pieces of plastic and recyclable thinks, and then sell them or use them herself.

the last picture is us four that live in the house now. The tall Latino is my companion. Hes from Honduras. The gringo is my bud. Hes awesome.

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