Monday, December 9, 2013

12/9/2013 My Personal Christmas Card and Happenings

Hey guys,
Don't have much time to write anything elegant or extraordinary, but seeing as we are getting closer to the best time of the year, Christ's birth,. thought I would just reach out to you all and let you know how I am doing here in Bolvia.
To be honest this year and a half that I have been here has changed everything about me. No, don't worry, I'm still the goofy, fun loving Austin you all know, but I have seen things and felt things that has changed me as a son, a brother, a uncle, a friend, and most importantly, a son of our Heavenly Father. The experiences I have had here as I have shared the Gospel of our Savior Jesus Christ has shaped and molded me to be more who our Heavenly Father has in mind, and less like the worldly desires.
I am grateful for the opportunity to literally represent our Savior, Jesus Christ, and also for all the support and love I have felt from all of you.

Elder Ure



This week we invited a ton of people to be baptized. And if all were to go according to plan we would baptize six people within the next month. I'm trying to work on having more faith haha, because right now I highly doubt that those six will get baptized.
But monday we went to the sand dunes with the Presdient of the Stake, he lives on the same floor as us and we are best buddies. He took us out there in his brand new truck because it has 4 by 4, and I had a great time with him asking him about how he got started in his job and everything. He was awesome to take us four out there like he did.
Oh and this guy just got back from the states, he speaks PERFECT English, better than I speak now. And he took the discussions there and the missionaries from the states sent us to teach his wife. We taught her twice and it went really well, but one night she called and said she didn't want to continue without her husband. Well he's here and is looking and calling us a ton, tomorrow he's taking us out to dinner. Its so hard to talk to him in English on the phone, but that's all he will talk, so it also ends up me turning into a fool because its awkward for me to talk in English. I'm sure he understands, tomorrow we will meet him for the first time.

But that's all I've got, we are going to go play wallyball today. Hope you all received my Christmas card.
That's the stake president right there. Hes from Argentina, but served here in Santa Cruz, where he baptized his wife!! Crazy huh?

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