Monday, November 4, 2013

11/4/2013 Ward Mission Leader and Snow White's Baptism

So it was pretty cool to read that I was going to come home to 2 nephews, and 3 nieces, and 2 new brothers in-laws (well that ones still in the makings huh). Thanks for writing me, for those two of my siblings who wrote me. You know who you are.
This week was interesting to say the least. I told you this would be my week of repentance and all, and maybe it was because we did work hard. But we almost couldn't find ANY ONE to teach. So it was kinda sad. But I want to tell you about our ward mission leader.
He recently activated himself, and came back STRONG. I mean hes on missionary steroids. The guy was called to be the new mission leader his second week back and his putting EVERYTHING hes got into it. He has a nice car that he always takes us around in and all afternoon he helps us. Like every day. He's his own boss and has lots of money, hes only 28, but he's doing just great- so he gives us everything. And in ward council it is his time to shine, he tries to get everyone on board (because now ward councils are pure missionary work so the spot lights always on us the full hour) and yesterday he got the church buzzing like crazy with a new energy to do missionary work. We have a piece of paper that is filled front and back of people who want to help us through the week to teach people with their numbers and everything. And every one was all excited because there were 13 Less actives who came back to church this week after YEARS. :) It makes you feel pretty good as a missionary.
I had a special opportunity this week to leave a promise behind to a family of less actives. The dad is a RM, and at the end of the lesson he said "we will come to church tomorrow. Just promise one thing, that life will get better if we come back. Because I know who you are, and I know if it comes out of your mouths it'll happen." I told him that " In the name of Jesus Christ and as his representative, your family will live more happily as you come back and renew your covenants through the sacrament." It was quite the experience.
Snow White got married and baptized this week. This family is AWESOME despite how un photogenic they are hahaha- now we are working WITH them trying to rescue there siblings who are Less Actives.
- Love you all.

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