Monday, November 11, 2013

11/11/2013 Letter of Growth

I don't have too much to tell you all this week... It was kind of another slow week and didn't see too many results from our effort this week, but we should see quite a few rescues here in these coming weeks.

But on the positive side this week I could see that I have grown in a few ways while being a missionary. No, I haven't gotten any taller, I'm still the same in that way. But I have developed a few more gifts

For a long time now I have been worried about my teaching style and all of that- if the people really understood the doctrine in the way I was teaching because I naturally am just not a good teacher. But this week I had a few lessons where I felt like well, I feel like they got the message and I presented the information clearly. I've been praying for that for a while now, to develop that.

Another way that I have seen I have grown is that this week my companion and I had a big argument about some things and instead of being my normal self and being all prideful I really tried to figure things out. I kept my voice relatively calm despite being yelled at and really asked how I could fix things. I had some words thrown at me like daggers that really did hurt me inside, but I kept calm. I feel like I have grown in that way.

We didn't see as much success as we wanted on Sundays (Sundays are key to see if what you did all week was actually worth it) and well it didn't get me too down, because I feel like we did everything we could this week to get every one activated or to visit for the first time and every just used there own free agency and didn't come... its a bummer, but I'm learning how to get over it faster.

Well don't have to much more but here's my letter of "growth" I hope you all take care this week and find some time to get into the missionary work, go teach someone with the Elders, and all that jazz. Love you all, even you Adriaan, I don't know you yet but I love you and look forward to knowing you..... ha.

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