Monday, October 28, 2013

10/28/2013 Humbled

So this week was interesting to say the least...

I don't know if you guys remember my letter last week and how I was all jacked up about 2 baptisms, 2 rescues, and 1 marriage..? Maybe its ringing a bell for some of you who actually read, but yeah, that was all that was GOING to happen this last week. But my companion and I this week got complacent with the Fruits that we WERE going to have, and basically wasted the week away. SO what did Heavenly Father do? He did what he had to teach us a lesson.

None of those things happened beside 1 rescue. Ill tell you what, I have never seen something happen in my life that was so OBVIOUS to see that the Lord had his hand in it. It literally could not have gotten ANY worse. The marriage fell through because a "witness" didn't come to sign the papers. So that made that baptism fall through too. The other baptisms fell through thanks to mother nature...the sister that was going to get baptized...well...couldn't. Mother nature told her no. the Other guy we were going to rescue, who is husbands with snow white was SOOO excited to go to church and to prepare himself to get the priesthood, but they just didn't come, for the first time in 2 MONTHS!!!!! Why did this all happen? Cuz I was lazy... and I boasted to myself in my heart because of "MY" numbers. I just read a scripture yesterday, I cant remember where its in in the BOM, but it said "Don't say to god :thank you god, that we are better than our brothers, but rather give thanks for being merciful with us" Looks like I blew it this week, because after the sacrament yesterday I felt I had repented with the lord, so its just time to rededicate myself to his work. I go.

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  1. Well learned young grasshopper. Thx for sharing -Joseph