Monday, November 18, 2013

11/18/2013 Carlos Melgar and the Priesthood

Hey guys.

Hows every one doing there?? Nice and tosty? Because I am. Im sweatin like a pig right now. Its summer here. I seriously rather have really cold weather than hot because you can always put more layers on.

Any way. What happened this week is that we asked a bunch of members for refereneces and we got them. We got a bunch of new people to visit including some who have accepted baptism there first lessons. Ive learned its actually really easy to get people to want to baptised, but its a whole nother story to actually go through the conversion process and get them in the water. Its a lot different, because on paper it looks like you are going to baptize a least five every month haha but your lucky if you have two.

A cool experience than happened this week is that we rescued Carlos Melgar. Husband of Snow White, the lady we just baptized. He was less active for a LONGGGG time. Never ever recieved a testimoney of the church because for a long time he worked out in the field as a boy and he just didnt have the means to get a testimoney. But last night he really seemed to open up a ton to us. In the night after the church meetings we went and visited them and he expressed to us why he hasnt been going to church. He was honestly just afraid of getting asked questions in class and not knowing how to answer (hes reads really well but a little slow to think about an answer to a question) and that was all. We talked about the priesthood and how he wants to get it. And something that came to my mind is that there 7 year old boy is turning 8 in a couple of months and I told him, if he gets him self ready he can baptize his boy. And the two of them just lit up. A new excitment was ignited in them and they told us what they would promise to do in preperation for recieving the preisthood. Its was really an awesome experience.

Here are a couple pictures. Our bishop moved houses and the ward had a going away "family night" hahah. We stopped in.

THe other picture is a wheres waldo game. But instead of waldo you have to find the two giant cavities that Im going to get fixed this week. They hurt, but Im okay.
       Elder Ure
Mision Santa Cruz de los Milagros

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