Monday, October 21, 2013

10/21/2013 "Success" in Numbers!

Yeah so this week was pretty great, we had a baptism of Erwin. The guy that I explained last week who has such a craving to learn more and more. Hes real smart and has a great testimony. What happened with Snow White is that she was going to get married then baptized but they didn't have enough money, so we couldn't go through with the baptism either obviously, but so we brought Bishop one night and he straightened everything and the next day he PERSONALLY WENT AND PAID 200 Bolivianos.. He's not rich either...So for sure they will get married there is no question, and for sure here baptism will be this Saturday. Her husband came to church yesterday for the first time in YEARS.

 Hes got a testimony now and its awesome we are "rescuing him" That's whats its called when you 1. Teach all Five lessons (which turns out to be like 8 to 10 visits to teach it all) 2. they attend church twice and 3. have an interview with bishop. that's when someone is considered RESCUED. That's what Elder Grow taught us. And we got one other that's even closer. Hes the son of the First lady I baptized in this area, remember Patricia? Yeah, well her son WAS inactive, but we just need to teach him one other think and he will be the first RESCUED in our WHOLE zone....but this isn't a competition or anything, its not like we are playing with the eternal salvation of anyone ;) 

So to Sum everything up....this should be the most "successful" week of my mission. 
2 baptisms
2 rescued
1 marriage   

I guess you could say I'm pretty content 

The first of the family that we are bringing back, the inactiveness goes all the way back to the older lady in the pic, really sweet family, just lost focus for a bit of the point of life. Snow White is the lady I'm standing next to, I know, she doesn't look to happy, but that's just the culture here with pics, I cant figure it out. But trust me, shes super happy and laughs a lot. Her husband too, they are really enjoying discovering the gospel together.

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