Monday, September 30, 2013

9/30/2013 Patricia's Baptism!

The real highlight is that Patricia was baptized!!! So we had a real scare. She was planned to be baptized the Saturday night (same night as that relief society broadcast) but the person who was going to take her shift couldn't do it, it had been planned for the WHOLE month and last second cancelled. But we figured out we could do it BEFORE the sacrament meeting on Sunday the very next morning at 7 in the morning. Yup this baptism service started at 7 hahah. But so my comp baptized her and I confirmed with the holy ghost and as a member (my very first time in my whole mission haha, it was cool to feel the spirit work through me) and so it ended up being a great week thanks to that.
We have snow white that is getting baptized in two weeks from now because we have conference coming up. I'M PUMPED! For the first time we get to watch the priesthood session too! President Calderon never let us do that. I had an interview with President Willard this week and I LOVE the man. He was so pleased with us as a companionship. And told us that we were so "Lucky" to be in such a "Strong companionship with two elders who really "get it" He is trying to get us to lead the way in the mission for installing a new way to work which entails lots of service and interaction with the members. We are kind of the "test run" hahah. I'm super happy because most of the time I know I am doing what the lord wants us to do.
I am physically working the least than I have in my whole mission but am having the most success because we are working really smart and with the spirit, thanks to obedience. That's all for now!
Love you all

So we did service this week with the ward and what is was is that we had to clean our this room that was SUPER NASTY. An old lady was living in there. Shes 89 years old, and the Relief Society knew it was gross so they set up this project. Us as missionaries stepped into the room and the fun began. The rats must of felt are pureness because they began trying to escape from there hiding spots. We all had sticks in hands ready and started beating this rats to death hahaha its was awesome, because they were SUPER FAST AND SHIFT. So here's a picture. But all in all it was great to work with the word and gain there confidence so that they will give us more references.

       Elder Ure
Mision Santa Cruz de los Milagros

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