Friday, October 11, 2013

10/7/2013 General Conference

Not too many details this week for y'all...just trying to wrap my little brain around all the messages that we have heard this week in conference. I had to listen to every session in Spanish EXCEPT priesthood (which always is the best haha) because we have a killer neighbor...the stake president who is BEST friends with President Willard haha, so we called and asked if we could watch in his house, in ENGLISH! It was cool, we used his computer and he watched it on his TV in Spanish. It was absolutely mind boggling. But I did love elder Hollands talk, it had a bit different feeling to it than what he usually is like, but it was great. I understood what I needed to in Spanish to feel the power of the Atonement.

Here is a picture of early in the week when we had visitors in our house because they are from outside of S.C. and we had a Zone Leaders Conference again, ordered pizza afterward. It is the Best pizza that S.C. has to offer.

We also did service this week because the President wants to us to serve the Keys of the Missionary work at all costs. It crazy to think that me, as a missionary for two years, don't even have keys for this work. The Stake President and the Bishop do. So, we washed his brand new truck that hes got and his wife's Rav 4. He then found out about it (we did it in secret) but the security guard told him when he asked. And then called President Willard and told him! President Willard called us and thanked us... I got the idea when we were reading in Alma with President in that ZL meeting. We read how Amulek was outside feeding the Kings horses when he called for him to talk to him about what he did with his flocks that he saved. So I was sitting there thinking...well we don't have sheep or horses....but we do have Horse Power....  And that's how it happened. 

And cant wait till these talks come out so I can study them and really take them in good...better yet, Ill get it in English too!! I understand almost everything while talking to these Bolivians (who are famous for talking slower than the rest of South America) but listening to Conference in Spanish is rough... hahah. My head hurt after 8 hours of a Spanish translation.

P.s.  don't know if any of you heard about the USU vs BYU game but what a bummer. The QB that blew his acl and mcl out the first quarter was my friend. We hung out with him every weekend  Before this injury he was number 2 in the nation for touch down passes.....

But that's all for now! Love y'all!

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