Monday, September 23, 2013

9/23/2013 3 Great Lessons

This week was GREAT- we didn't have very many lessons, but that was another thing that I learned this week. That the number of lessons doesn't determine if you are being a successful missionary or not. We worked really hard with the keys to the missionary work this week. Bishop helped us out as well as the Stake President, haha that's right, we are just calling him up like he's our best bud....Alright, it doesn't help that he is our neighbor. But him and his wife are AWESOME. I just love them so much. She even washes our laundry for FREEEE!!!
So Patricia our investigator that is getting baptized this Saturday is doing great! Yesterday she had her interview. She passed with flying colors. This is a lady who has been through TONS of missionary sets in the last five years. Her time finally got her. She has a firm testimony and kids to go with to church, and a sister who is an awesome Leader of the primary. I'm so happy to have the privilege to teach her. She's a sweet lady who has had some bad things happen to her in the past thanks to her ex husband, but she is feeling the open arms of Christ and the healing power of the atonement. She's one of my most favorite converts that I have had.
The other, Snow White, went to church and she is super excited about her wedding still, she is always going to the place where you have to do papers and stuff and checking up on things, she already has her license which is usually the hardest part of getting people married, but she will be baptized the 12 of October. She was super fine with all of our teachings so we had to ask...."so is there something that doesn't sit well, or you're not sure of something?" And she said "How do I know if I am ready for baptism." That is a GREAT question to hear from a Bolivian. It means they truly are thinking about the actions they are going to take and the importance. We answered with a scripture that calls EVERY ONE to repentance as long as you have the will to be clean and to not fear. And told her to keep trusting in the Lord for ALL her answers. She told us she was content with that.

Another family we have that are awesome that can be future leaders in the church is the Torrico family. We actually just found them knocking doors! That's really hard to do.  Right before our last appointment with them the brother that was going to help us had to cancel to do some stuff for the stake. So Elder Boman said, "it doesn't even matter, it means the Lord wants us to bring someone else." And I was thinking in my head, "your crazy this brother would have been PERFECT for them." But we went and found this super old lady that can barely walk hahaha...and walked with her four blocks to the house where we had the appointment. I thought her hips would give out before we got there, but we arrived, started the lesson, and we were going to share the Book of Mormon, But the mom said that the received answers that Joseph Smith was a prophet and that they want to go to church but she HAS to work every Sunday morning. So we taught the Sabbath Day, and it turns out the God wanted this old lady to come because she had a great story about how she too had to work Sunday mornings, but she gave it up and 35 years later (one of the oldest converts here in Santa Cruz by the way) she can see all the blessings. It was great to see the hand of the Lord in the work.
But that's all I have for now. I know that the Lord is looking out for each one of us and knows what we need best. We just have to try and understand his will. It doesn't always make sense to us at first, but what happens, happens for a reason. It's because the big guy upstairs wants it to pan out like that.

       Elder Ure
Mision Santa Cruz de los Milagros

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