Monday, September 16, 2013

9/16/2013 Patricia's Testimony

A funny story that happened this week was that Elder Boman and I were going down the elevator to go tracting, when he turned out the light and started poking me so I got into fetal position because I couldn't see and it hurt me hahahaha so I was on the ground when I let go of the key, the door of the elevator opened and its dragged to key under the track where to door slides. But we didn't see that, we thought it dropped in that space between the shaft and the elevator, so for a half hour we are trying to figure out how to get down there, but then I saw the door wasn't closing so I looking under the door and there was the KEY! but now the problem was to get this jammed key out from the door, luckily after another half hour of using tools of some construction guy that was working there and some smarts of my comp, we got it pried free...we were so thankful that the lord helped us with this crisis. We repented for wasting an hour of the lord's time because we were goofing around....

But the more important part of the week...
Where do I begin. So yesterday, Sunday, was amazing working with the keys of the priesthood for the missionary work for my ward. The Bi
shop called US and found US. That will probably NEVER happen again in my whole mission. He showed us around the area, all the houses of the members because we are both new here, opening up the area, and we visited some less actives and he then helped us with a lesson that I will never forget for the rest of my life.

It was with Patricia, the mom whose kids are all members. She came to church and so did Snow White, but then in the night we went to go teach Patricia. We sat down with her and with Bishop, and we were teaching some commandments she has to know for her interview, she then added a comment into the lesson and it turned into her bearing her testimony. So I don't remember if you all remember writing about the first lesson we ever had with her, but I said she accepted baptism for the 28th of this month and she accepted without hesitating. Well, we now know why.

While sharing her testimony she expressed how it was that she came to wanting to get baptized. She said she has visited with A TON of missionaries before us, but never felt that it was right. Well the sisters who were in this area before us worked with her a lot. One of the sisters is one of the trainers in this mission which means shes very well respected for her work here. What happened is that Patricia after a lesson with the sisters prayed to know if she should get baptized, she then opened the scriptures and opened us to a passage about baptism. She told the sisters that was her answer and that she would get baptized on her birthday....guess what day that is...the 28th. Elder Boman and I had no clue about all of this when we first sat down with her and invited her to baptism, we both just felt right that the 28th would be good for her. And now we have come to learn the Lord works in mysterious ways. As she was sharing all of this with her testimony I felt the spirit like I have never felt in my life. The spirit hit me like a brick wall of feelings of love for the Savior, peace, and I was humbled like never before. I told her she reconfirmed why it is that I am here as a missionary and that Heavenly Father was so happy with what she was doing with her life. I'll never forget this experience as long as I live. I have felt the similar feelings after finishing the Book of Mormon and praying, but not at this magnitude. I was  reflecting on everything that has happened this last week, this morning in a prayer, and I was so humbled that the Lord would bless me with all these opportunities amid my weaknesses and defects and power hungry attitude that I have had these last 5 months of being a Zone Leader.... 

And now I'm sitting in this internet cafe crying like a baby.

That's what I've got for now.

      we had to change the sisters' house to another place

a bbq we did at a member's house yesterday

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