Monday, August 19, 2013

8/19/2013 Manuel Family and a deaf baptism!

So I already wrote a letter that was really really good and didn't get any comments back or anything, so I'm not going to write much this week.

However something interesting that happened this week is that yesterday I interviewed an investigator to be baptized. But what is cool is that she is deaf. Yup, you read right. She can't hear anything! I learned a little bit of sign language before hand but we had all the questions already printed out so she basically just filled out a test. She passed. It was a pretty cool experience for me.

Another great thing that happened is that last night we went to the Manuel family. They expressed that they didn't feel ready to be baptized next week which is true. He has to assist at least one more time. But they do want to be baptized. We are going to have a family night with them and they are going to get married in the family night hahaha. I'm really excited for them because marriage is the hard part, baptism is the easier of the two. But yeah that's all I have to share this week. President Willard is flying in again for another conference. I'll share more of that later. That's all for now. Love ya all!

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