Monday, August 12, 2013

8/12/2013 One Year Mark!

SO hello family....

As some of you already know I am coming up on my one year mark. I would like to take this opportunity to write you all a very good detailed letter of what has happened here, some random things I have done, and what I have learned etc... not all being exactly spiritually important ha.

So, we had a meeting with all the Zone Leaders and President this week. Before we left to Santa Cruz I cut my hair..but the interesting thing is that I, as in myself, cut my hair. And I do have to say it looks pretty good. I had A TON of pictures I wanted to send but my freakin memory card just got a freakin virus and I cant open up any of my pictures. I lent my camera to my companion to compile the pictures that we took this week and when he gave it back to me it didn't work. I hate Bolivia's public computers gosh. But I'm going to work on it. So the meeting was amazing, it was WAY different then we did with Pres Calderon. It was way better for me though. We discussed a lot. And I learned a lot of things from the spirit. That's what President Willard stresses...learning from the spirit, or personal revelation would be the same.

But yeah just a few numbers. My zone makes up 6 percent of the mission Santa Cruz. We are small, I know. However, my zone baptized  14 percent of all the baptisms of the mission this last month. I'm pretty proud of them, but cant take credit for any of it, I know the lord put those people in there paths because they worked hard this month of July. President was really happy with us as a zone. Oh, almost forgot to say I was talking with President in his house after a "family night" that we had with the other zone leaders and he knows President Evans! He says he is going to write a letter to him. Hopefully President Evans gives a good..whats it called?? Reference? Gives a good...ugh! I don't know the word but yeah,  I think you guys understand hahaha.

This paragraph is kind of for dad. But after the meeting in S.C. we returned to Yacuiba and had our Zone meeting. I lead it and taught and I did the Leadership tips that you sent dad and it went very very well. I feel that everyone was listened well, but listened because they trusted in me and my words as a leader. At the end of the week I called them to write down there numbers of lessons etc, and they had all worked very hard. Thanks dad for the leadership tips.

So just a side note. I spent a lot of time in the assistants offices this week with my friend who is an AP. He let me in on a secret. Miss Utah gets here to the Mission Santa Cruz to serve in November hahaha. He showed me pictures of her and everything.. I'm kinda excited about it. Just hope shes note in my zone.

SO on the spiritual side....

two things I wanted to share.

1. This week I was studying and read about when Christ came to the Americas. How powerful those chapters are. But one verse in particular stuck out to me. 3 Nephi 19:25. Talks about the countenance of Christ. And it stuck out to me because it is something I want to replicate and demonstrate to all. But its so true. You really can see when someone is living in the ways of Christ in their countenance.

2. I studied the Atonement today because in these past couples days a thought had been in my head about the atonement. The thought is that the atonement dose two things for us. Its got two parts. So I studied the scriptures to see if I could find doctrine to back up my thoughts or no.

The first thing it does : Raises EVERY ONE from the dead, to reunite their spirit with their body now in perfect form.  2 Nephi 9:4 as well as Alma 40:23

The second thing it does is saves us from our sins IF the key word here is IF, we have completed the gospel, (faith, repentance, baptism, receive the spirit, finish faithful) so that we can live with Heavenly Father. Alma :15-16

To sum up those two and put them together  2 Nephi 10:25 does a pretty good job.
My question when I started studying this subject is if it is the power of the atonement that enables our spirits to arrive in the spirit world. I could not find any scriptures so I do not believe so. I think it is just a natural law of god that that's is where the spirit ends up after death.

But that's all I have to tell you guys. I really wish I could have sent pictures because I have some great ones to send of the baptism we had this week of the two kids from the Janco family. They are AMAZING. We went to there house last night to have the dad sign something and the two were in there rooms doing there personal progress and Duty to God. It was great.

The other picture was of a Flag of Bolivia I bought here for 4 dollars- its GIGANTIC!! I bought it because it was independence day here ha. Love ya all. Take care. I look forward to hearing from ALL of you about this extremely long and detailed letter....

Elder Ure
Mision Santa Cruz de los Milagros

here's 3 pictures I managed to save... 

The parents of the kids are still working on there marriage first and then they'll get baptized- but who knows how long it'll take for him to get the details to get the papers ready...

The last is a picture of a couple that told us they will get married this September and will get baptized the same day. The brother of this couple did the exact same with his wife this last year and they are great examples and are firm in the gospel. I'm so excited because we have been teaching them for three months and finally they have the desire and money to complete these commandments. (They wanted to get married this month before the transfer but they literally didn't have ANY money to do it)

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