Monday, August 26, 2013

8/26/2013 Conference with Pres. Willard

Sooo this week President came. And it was kinda crazy because we had to get
every one ready, which means we did a bunch of inspections and stuff..and
long story short the assistants said that our area books and agendas were
the best of all the other pretty happy.

Any way. What President talked about and what I learned.

We analyzed our mission purposes which is

"Invite others to come unto Christ and help them to receive the Restored
Gospel, through faith in him and his atonement, repentance, baptism,
receive the hold ghost, and endure to the end."

What is interesting is that President pointed out that in no time did stop
talking about us as missionaries, yes, it does say we need to help them
recieve the gospel, but it dosent say that that does not apply to us as
missionaries as people. We then talked about how it is that we can still
complete these five steps as members of the church.

It was very interesting because we all realized that its impossible to
teach someone these five steps if we oourselves are not repented (step
number 2) fully or...aren't doing things to grow the faith in the atonement
(step number 1)

Afterwards we had interviews with him. Mine was interesting...he asked me
to be his new assisant of the mission...and I said no, I like working in
the field better...hahahah nah...that didn't happen. But he asked how things
were with my companion and I told him the truth and he said that my comp
cried in his interview because he new he was so prideful and gave me such a
hard time. After pres. told me that I am going to leave yacuiba this week
for transfers and thanked me a ton for my work here. Said I was such a
strong leader here.

So we will see what other area the lord has waiting for me! Im excited to
leave, it's been a SUPER short 4 months but at the same time really really
long with my comp.
*       Elder Ure

The picture on top is the deaf girl I interviewed and on the right of
her is the funniest interview I have ever done or will do. The guy is
nuts but very smart, he will make a good young mens leader or
something not sure.

And the picture on the bottom is of my bald head...without hair. Its terrible

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  1. I like the hair.. for a missionary at least. :)