Tuesday, August 6, 2013

8/5/2013 Yacuiba Baptisms

Hey im still alive, but Im not going to lie, I dont have too much time to write a great letter. But so we baptized those two kids the other week and this coming week we are going to baptize two more that are golden. The girl that is 12 goes to all the YW activities and is doing her personal progress...her brother is 11 and he is really smart and remembers everything we teach. The Elder that interviewed him to be baptized said that he answer better than any one he has interviewed. There parents have to get a divorcement and the have to have a bunch of information that there son has in another city and they cant get a hold of him...so we are waiting on that... 

Im STILL in Yacuiba with the same companion, but my best friend who is AP just told me this next change in three weeks we will be split up which is okay with me. 

But here are some pictures...

We ate at the Presidents House with him and his wife and she is an AMAZING COOOK. We had tacos and they were so great. The other picture is on the border of Bolivia and Argentina.

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  1. Bring some home....we need some real tacos out here!