Thursday, July 25, 2013

7/22/2013 Patience

So I had 30 emails today, mostly from the family but some others from friends that I had to answer. Some that needed to hear from me, others that wanted to make sure that I was still the same old me. Which Im not sure I am haha. But here are some pictures..
As from the mission in general. Im not sure what the Lord is trying to teach me. I have gone six months without a baptism that I personally did, I taught some and then had to leave the area and they got baptized after, but I physically havent baptized in six months and its tough. This saturday we are going to baptize a little kid a part of a part member family so its not really a great accomplishment. I know I am suppose to learn something from this trial though. Maybe its because my whole life I have been given everythinng so naturally and for the first time I have to have patience, not sure- but thats where Im at. Thank you mom for the pictures the house looks BEAUTIFUL!!!

Love, Elder Ure

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  1. Sweet pictures. Glad to see your having fun. -Joseph