Monday, July 8, 2013

7/8/2013 - 3 FAMILIES!

Hello familia,
So an update on my investigators...
theres three familys that we are working with...let me repeat...three FAMILYS. That word is key, many of the baptisms in or zone are from part member familys..freebees basically.  Two of the three familys that we are working with we found by ourselves...which by the way is the hardest and worse way to find people haha..knocking doors dosent usually work for anything.
1. The family Janco
This is the older couple that has a TON of kids but all but two of them are already adults. These two have to get a divorcement with an "ex-wife" and then get married. Brother Janco already is seeing his lawyer to do all of this, and he is very self sufficient and will get it done by the end of this month. The only problem is that his daughter is getting married in the catholic church and there is a tradition that he has to ask three other friends of his basically to sponsor the wedding...but to do that you have to drink. He told us he doesn't want to sin after his baptism so he wants to wait to be baptized to be able to drink with the guys then get baptized. But we said no and we are pushing a lot for the 20 of July..Not sure if he will make that date or not but they are very good investigators...lots of tithing haha..
2. Family Davila
They have to get married also..but she is from Argentina and so the wedding would be 2,500 bolivianos which is really expensive for these people--the marriage by the law would normally be 300 bolivianos. They are going to travel to find he record of birth certificate which is from Bolivia so that they can pay a lot less but they want to get baptized.
3. Family Manuel
The Sister is crazy...whenever we leave they compromise that they have to pray to know the church is true she always has these dreams. And the problem is is that no one knows what the dreams mean but they also involved a Gringo (I think its me but she wont ever say that) and churches...But deep down she knows its true because she always comes to church now, but the problem is her husband. He is a bit hardened in the heart, but FINALLY came after two months of visiting them and he liked it a lot. There would be 5 baptisms in the same night for this family with their kids included.
SO those are my investigators, transfers are this 16 of July..and its about 48 percent likely that I will leave..but who knows. Please have these families in your prayers and if any one has any great ideas that we can do with them let me know.
       Elder Ure

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