Monday, June 10, 2013

6/10/2013 Lesson with the President

Hello everyone!
So today me and my companion flew in to Santa Cruz for a meeting with President that we have tomorrow. I'm sleeping in the house of my old Zone leaders in La Pampa. I'm excited to be able to see if me two investigators that were attending church every week and that told me they want to serve missions got baptized with the date that I set for them. I'm about 98 percent sure everything worked out well but today I get to see. Unfortunately wont be able to visit them but still...

So This week in church that same family came Family Janco ("Hanco") Today is the day that he told us he was going to his lawyer to see if he has to get a divorcement with a ex wife he had 33 years ago or no. He was saying that because it was so much time ago and because he has 8 kids with his new wife they might just "forget" there marriage. Hahaha, that honestly wouldn't surprise me, Bolivia is so unofficial about everything. Today in the airport I walked right onto the airplane without any one checking my backpack or a metal detector or nada.

But returning to the subject. This week we had a lesson with them with the President of the Branch. It was awesome. It was awesome. We talked about Prophets and how we need Living ones today and I did a great visual with the little son that got everyone laughing but right after I turned it all serious and they really understood the importance of having a prophet today. Then President whipped out a conference talked from Pres. Monson, its was great. It was exactly what everyone in America thinks missionary work is like haha.
p.s. I've been out long enough for two of my friends (that are girls) to get engaged as well as an ex girlfriend....I don't even understand how life is going by so fast.
Elder Ure


  1. Hey Elder Ure!
    I am so glad you are such a good missionary, that means I don't have to worry about you as much -- some missionaries you wonder if they are there for the right reasons or are they working as hard as they should be or are they going to come home if they have a hard day, but you: no worries! You are brave and hardworking and you have testimony of the work!
    Update on me: I take my nursing boards tomorrow!!!!! scary. very scary so please pray for me. I start work on the 24th. scary. very scary. I will now be the nurse that lives depend on. crazy huh? I am still dating this guy named Andrew Ray and it is going great - nothing too serious yet but we will see. Nothing else too exciting.
    I just wanted to send a quick note to tell you I love you and miss you. I find myself telling random stories from our childhood all the time like the summer we counted how many centipedes we could find or when you would get sunburned so bad you couldn't even wear a t shirt. good times.
    Some things I learned yesterday that have been on my mind. Our RS lesson was on tithing and it was pretty good until the teacher asked a question about our thoughts on giving tithing grudgingly. A lot of the girls came down hard and talked about how giving grudgingly wouldn't give you any blessings.. it made me a little uncomfortable that they were being so harsh. As a kid you learn the habit of tithing pretty grudgingly for most. Most kids don't want to give a dollar away that they earned bc they dont understand BUT they still give it and I think they are blessed for it - that is what lays the foundation of their testimony. Those who are converted into the church still have to go through the laying of their own foundation and that may mean that commandments are followed grudgingly but we need to be patient and understanding just like I am sure the Lord is. Blessings are still being given and we need to not judge so harshly. Elder Holland's talk in conference was about this very idea, he even said to lean on his testimony. So i guess what I mean to say is don't judge too harshly - we can not understand anyone else's heart bc of all the different factors and experiences in their individual life. Let them lay a foundation just as we had to even though it may appear immature or unrighteous coming from an adult - they don't know any better and they have to gain a testimony just as we had to. Help your investigators and new converts lay a foundation for themselves. Help their unbelief. And read Holland's talk!
    Have a great week Austin! Stay safe, be happy, and work hard. We are all praying for you!

  2. Brooke,
    Thank you so much for taking the time out of your busy life. Thats nuts that you are already a real life nurse. Like the amazing nurses that took care of me with my surgery. I will forever be greatful to one of them. I dont remember what her face looks like because I was half high as well as laying down unable to move my head, but I will always remember the comfort she gave me. Just be there for your patients. Be as simpathetic as possible, and when it is appropriate you can share how the atonement of Christ can help them throgh there physical pain.
    So whats this guy he tall short scranny, send me a picture of him. Or better yet tell him to email me. Id like to ask him a few questions.
    THank you for the comments on Elder Hollands talk. Every day our investigators fall through on their appointments with us or their commitments. That helped me understand a little better why that always happens, and maybe Ill be able to figure out how to stop that from happening and get them doing there reading praying and attend church. Dont have much more time to write only you but thanks so much for the words.
    With much Love,
    -Elder Ure