Tuesday, July 16, 2013

7/16/2013 New mission president and pictures

So here are some recient pictures. The one of me in the mirror seems to be vain, BUT it is to show that I am having the best week of my mission when it comes to acne... haha.

The other picture is with my new mission president. He flew into Yacuiba and we had to go pick him up and then had a meeting with the other elders here. Not sure why my face looks like it does in this picture but yeah.

Here are two pictures of two different "day long transfers" (I dont know the term for that in english)  to see how the other elders were working in their areas.

The picture of the giant tea pot is a picture of a hot drink called "mate" its isnt tea, its allowed to drink dont worry. and its VERY popular here, ha obviously if there is a HUGE giant statue in a park.

eleste, I hope you put all my pictures on the blog because the internet cafes here always have viruses in the computers and I keep loosing photos..grrr. South America is so frustrating. But how is the blog? Are you still doing it or did you loose interest haha I would understand if not.

So I don't have anymore time, but I hope you enjoy all the pictures...

Just a quick note. This week was kinda weird because there was something that happened with the government of Bolivia and USA. Every one in the street was telling me I would have to leave because the President wanted to kick out the Gringos but it didnt go through. It was saddening to think I might have to leave this country as bad as it smells. There are so many people that I leave here in alot of different parts of this country. But it looks like I will be staying another year here.

Elder Ure
Mision Santa Cruz de los Milagros

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