Tuesday, June 4, 2013

6/4/2013 Missionary Dreams

Letter to the family,
So this week we had 3 families attend church, 7 people in total. Its nice to see fruits of your labors. BUT...there's always that BUT in missionary work. We have to get them married first. no one...I mean NO ONE is married here.... But there is a lot of potential in this area. I'm excited to see what the Lord does with every one.
So this week we met and taught all the couples and they all have the desire to be baptized, so they are making plans to get married. In one of the lessons we taught about the restoration of the leadership of the church. I showed a picture of the first presidency and the quorum of the 12. It was awesome so be able to see that there is not one difference in the church we have today than the church that Christ himself set up. They studied the photos intensely. I hope it got burned into their minds. But in the end she told us about a dream she had after asking the lord to show to her that our message was true and she said the following...
I was on a bridge, and at the end I saw a white man....a gringo. But dont worry it wasnt you elder Ure, and behind him a really tall dark figure with horns. And they tell me to come here. So I went. And the devil took something from my eye.
Something like that. So...looks like we are going to have to work with that couple on figuring out there answer from the lord. Latinos are crazy with there dreams.
That pretty much sums up this week here. Hey ps Sam Yoder only has 2 months left of hismission...crazy that one of my friends is already finishing!?
Love Elder Ure

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