Monday, May 20, 2013

5/20/2013 Like a Chicken with His Head Cut Off

Our trip to SC this week for a meeting with President. We had to sleep at the house of other leaders and we bought PIZZA. Almost American. It was so good but pretty expensive ha.

The other picture is from our lay over. The first thing you see is the Pope..a bit Catholic huh?

The other picture has two things I would like to share. First, if you will notice I have a jacket and a hat and gloves!! Its "winter" here. Because there are mountains here and we are almost in Argentina its pretty cold when the sun isn't out. Its AMAZING! The other thing is that there Parks or Plazas are REALLY well taken care of. I am not sure why but they are VERY pretty here.

The last picture is of an Elder that we sent home this morning. It was super sad so that why I only have a Half smile....but he has to go take care of some things at home. Not sure what, I am just very thankful that I am here serving without a guilt in my heart or a doubt in my mind that Im not worthy.

So this last Monday the AP´s called at 6 and said "hey you have to take a coach bus ASAP to be here for a conference of Leaders in the morning" So we dropped everything and went. After traveling 8 hours by coach bus we arrived at 5 in the morning at the house of the AP´s. We learned a lot in the meeting and part of that is that we can now write friends. That is a rule that the first presidency sent our president in a letter. Interesting huh? Anyways, we went and slept at the house of other missionaries that night and flew home in the morning. Got back here in Yacuiba Wednesday in the afternoon. 

We had to do a bunch of things this week and I feel like we barely had time to work like normal missionaries. Im looking forward to this week were we can get into a stride and then turn on the burners and find a new family to baptize. As far as I know my 5 baptisms went through this saturday in SC La Pampa. Im waiting for confirmation on that from a Brother of the ward....

Honestly I cant really remember anything great spiritual experience this week, I really just remember running around like a chicken with its head cutt off....

I Love you all and am greatful for all the emails I got to read this week. Thanks!

Elder Ure

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