Monday, May 13, 2013

5/13/2013 Mother's Day in Argentina

So the first picture was a "white night" where my old zone baptized a whole bunch of people.

The picture with the latino and the thumbs up is a brother of the ward of La Pampa that I lived with. He was just like a big brother to me, he served in Idaho and speaks perfect english. He and his family want to visit salt lake in the next couple years and we are going to stay in touch so he can come visit.

The other picture of the mountains is a picture of the border of Argentina and Bolivia.

The other is a picture of my house. Its really nice and big. We have a room to sleep, another to study, a bathroom with hot water, and a kitchen. I already told the rest last night but thats about it. Sorry for being so animated/sarcastic last night, I was just really excited to see my family. I guess I still have a lot of growing up to do huh? Ill work on that.

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  1. We loved talking to you, animation and all. Really don't change; just be you.

    Love you