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I finally have my own "son". Which means I'm training. When I went to the trainers meeting I heard about how some of the elders from the group younger than me are already Leaders of District, and how my best friend in this mission is already Zone leader, and I started getting wrapped up in that. But I remember Joseph telling me on Skype the night before I left for my mission to not worry about that's just so hard when you are competitive like me. Always trying to be the top of the food chain. It's who I am, its hard to change, but that's what I need to learn I guess in my mission. 

For now I have a Latino that I'm training, who called his mom this morning while I was in the shower, but I caught him and tried dealing with it responsibly, but he just kept denying it and denying it (by the way I'm really sorry for my terrible spelling) so I was forced to push redial on the phone, and sure enough I called up his mom and was talking to her. Wow, but at least I will be seeing some fruits of my work this month and the next. 

We are teaching a 20 year old who was introduced to the church by his girl friend who is doing interviews to leave on HER mission. He told us he wants to serve a mission too. So his baptism is the 18 of the month of May, and we have another 19 year old that we knocked on his door, was really receptive, came to a movie night activity I put on at the church, and LOVED the movie (New Testaments). Then came to church the next day and HE taught a bit of the lesson we had in the church with a family we have of investigators.  It was awesome. Now THAT family has to work out some legal things before baptism but they really want to be baptized.

That's an update on the work her. But I was reading D&C 90:24 this week and it really gave me strength. Talks about being diligent, believing, and everything will work out. It was a comfort as this week I was really worried about not being a Leader of this mission. But towards the end of the week I already saw this scripture being true in my life right now with the success we have had. I love you all. Tell me something interesting for once haha just kidding, stay true to the faith and look for opportunities to share what you have been blessed with.

Elder "U-rey" like they say here.


We had quit the success this week. 18 lessons with members and 5 others. 5 attendances in the Sacrament meeting from our investigators, and 2 young men who have VERY powerful testimonies who are going to be baptized for sure this 18 of May. Just when I thought I had nothing to work with, He amazed me this week again- which reminded me of Doctrine and Covenants 90:24. Please look it up.

Another Section I came across that I thought you personally would like to read and study is D&C 93:23-40. Very interesting. Now I will write the family. Have fun in Florida...freak, that can make a missionary a bit trunky.

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