Monday, April 22, 2013

4/22/2013 Elder Bednar, Teaching with the Spirit

Hey family,

So this week of my mission was probably the best week so far. Why do you ask? Because Elder Bednar and I are now friends....for real. He came and visited our mission and he really is AMAZING. The whole three hours wasn't him lecturing or teaching. He said that in our culture in the church we all teach without giving the students there free agency to learn. We try to force it upon them by saying "So John, what does this verse mean" or "Susy would you please answer me x, y, or z?" That in turn limits the spirit to testify to the learner. We are not objects he expressed, we are human beings. As soon as we take away the agency to "participate or answer a question" they no longer are learning by the spirit- we need to have more of a discussion so that "all can be edified by all (D&C 88:122)" and he said this is A LOT harder to do. And it is, I testify of that. After the meeting I started teaching in that way, and its was a lot harder, but let me tell you. The spirit could testify to the convert because I wasn't playing the game of "guess what is in my head game" with the investigator. He said yeah, they'll "mess it up" but they need to to learn how to get it right, and that's why we are there to steer it in the direction that's right. He told a story of his boys when they were you can imagine Elder Bednar LOVES his front lawn looking very very neat, (just like his part in his hair hahah I laughed in my head when I thought of that in the meeting) but the time came where his boys needed to learn how to do yard work too...he said at first the put wholes in the lawn and the grass was brown from not watering, but they soon learned.
 No matter where we are, missionary or Gospel Doctrines teacher...we need to let them hear the SPIRIT, and not our voice. Need to let them "figure it out on there own" while we present the material. "Do our job, and get out of the way at the same time". Don't know if you guys know this, but Elder Bednar is GENIUS!

Then after we had our whole zone get together with there baptisms and had a night of baptizing people- unfortunately Elder Dickey and I didn't have any one but it was still very fun to see every one else with theirs.

After I gave a puppy to the son of the family we live with. The brother is about 28 and went to Idaho on his mission, he speaks perfect English and will do just about anything for anyone. He's amazing, and said that they were looking for a puppy for the birthday of his kid. I knew some people and brought them home a puppy. It made me so happy to give him it. His face just lit up. It was an amazing day Saturday. But I think that's about it.

Love you all,
Elder Ure

'For God Nothing is Impossible.'

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