Wednesday, March 6, 2013

3/6/2013 Called to be the Voice of God

So whats new with me...
Well the area that I am now in has a tradition of the english speaking missionaries teaching english class at the church every week...So I am now a teacher once a week for the members of the ward for one hour in the night time. Its a great activity because lots come and sometimes bring friends that we latter can contact/teach. Its interesting to say the least haha..they cant form the words with their mouths if their lives depended on it-
What I had an interesting lesson this week... and I think it was because of something that a return missionary taught me. So monday we had an AWFUL lesson about the plan of salvation and we had an RM with us to help teach. We just absolutely bombed it...its was terrible. After he gave us some words of advice and what I pieced together was this ... We are called to be the voice of god, through the holy ghost, but with our last name in mind. What does that mean exactly. The first part is obvious about the voice of God through the Holy Ghost. But one thing that missionaries are always taught is to bring a good reputation to their family's name, because we wear our name on our chest always. For me thats a big deal because I am super proud of my family and what my last name has accomplished. It a big weight for me. So with that in mind..
I thought about that in one of the lessons we were teaching and I began to speak different than I ever had- Im not sure how to describe it but I literally felt Power to my words. It was as if the words I was speaking were physical objects, tangible. Like they had weight. Weird, huh? But im not sure how else to describe it. It was a good first lesson and we will see where it goes, but I am grateful to Heavenly Father and the Holy Ghost for the spirit they give me to testify.
A side note. These are SUPER interesting times we are in. The Santa Cruz mission is now being divided into TWO! North and South. Apart from that, all my girl friends are leaving on missions. Right now 4 of my best girl friends from the group of girls I hung out with at USU are leaving for missions.

But thats all, Love you all. Take care

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