Monday, February 25, 2013


Okay so I am sorry this past month we didnt have internet twice for different reasons, dont worry Im not forgetting about any of you. But a little bit about me now that the majority of you have written me this pàst week (except brooke and joseph, but whats new)
So I was in an emergency transfer for a week because the misison recieved four new elderes unecpectedly and after that week I was uprooted from my super obedient american companion that runs long distance track for byu to another area kind of in the city of santa cruz, a little bit outside but not much. I know have a companion for La Paz (the exact and only type of Bolivians that I dont really care for) as my companion. Lot is annoying like he puts his used toliet paper in the trash can..he dosent flush it down the toilet. THe bathroom always smells awful for that but thats just an example of one thing. Im learning patience in this trannsfer, because he is the older companion and I have to follow his lead for everything. The investigators will present there need to us (which is what we are trained to find and then teach) and then my companion will skip rtight over it like it was nothing.
One night that happened with a less active young man of f25 years old who now has his own family who are not members because this young man became inactive a lnog time ago. Befor we started the lesson with a prayer he told us his doubts of this church but his intentions were so pure, he wasnt there to argue or change our thoughts. He honestly wanted this church to be true so he could share it with his family. After the prayer my companion started with an introduction to lesson 1. Which, in this case is not what his NEED was. So I said before we get into what we have to share, what is it exactly that you told us you are doubting and you want to figure out. He opened up and we had a SUPER powerful lesson answering all of his perfectly good questions with scriptures. His questions were a lot like the ones my friends in Chicago had about the restoration and book of mormon, but with scriptures, this man actually accepted what we were teaching. The spirit was so powerful. I didnt share that story to put me on a pedistul above my companion. I shared it becausse lessons like that every week is what motivates me to keep walking through the mounds of sand that my area is.
By the way...after six months I have worn through the slip on dress shoes we bought. I changed to the laced up onces because at the end of the day I could poor out sand from my shoe haha...thats not an exaggeration. This country sucks...i mean stinks, sorry mom. I would not wish for you guys to endure the climate of Santa Cruz, but La Paz or cochabamba I have heard is alot more like the US with climate. We can do a service project there if the foundation would like to do so.
But I dont really have anything else,ç
Love you guys!!
Elder Ure 

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