Saturday, March 16, 2013

3/11/2013 Help the Missionaries!

Thank you for that talk from Elder Perry. I read it all and it was very nice to hear his words on the mission work and that we missionaries are not alone in this work. Its quite possible the most disappointing work running all over a city of garbage to hear "no I all ready have my religion, bye" or "no sorry im super busy i cant attend church today with you guys, but next week", but at the same time the most gratifying work when you save even one soul. And for us as missionaries to have the help of the members its that much better. In six months of my mission I haven't had one baptism from knocking doors....they have all been in some one a reference of the members....I think that example applies to the U.S. even more. I hope you can share that with other ward members so they will realize its THERE work just as much as "The Elders". We cannot complete our sacred calling without the members..its that simple. I feel terrible for how complacent I was running to the gym, running to work, running to hang out with my friends without once helping the missionaries either find someone to teach or helping them in a lesson. I'm not really sure why they never asked me, but that still is no excuse. I should have said something. Between me and you..I honestly don't know what the missionaries in Chicago do all day hahaha...Knock doors? I'm almost positive they don't do that very much. 

But I really don't have anything else to write other than a investigator I have.  Her name is Carla, 24, knows the church is true and has listened to the missionaries for 3 years. Only wants the support of her Catholic Parents in this decision. We are going to fast this week and then she is going to bare her testimony to them and ask again. I'm not leaving this area until she is baptized.....I'm going to do what missionaries of 3 years never could finish. Its my personal goal.

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  1. Indeed we all know Missionaries is not an easy task I always welling to help them. God Bless!