Monday, March 25, 2013

3/25/2013 Retaining New Members


So nothing really new has changed from last week a part from Elder Wadell came and talked to us and told us our retention rate was terrible and the only way to solve that is to make sure that the investigator always reads the Book of Mormon, Always prays in front of us, and attends church. And one week after we should drag the newly converted men to talk to the Bishop about the priesthood. This is the response of the First Presidency when they had a conference and the Presidency asked the Members of the 70 to present a question that they themselves could not answer. So the Presidency responded with those...four things I think it is. It was a great conference with him and he had council to give us. For example, he asked how many had less than six months in the mission and about a third raised there hand...he then continued to say the lord will make up for what we lack. The ability to teach and the language do not matter because he will make up the rest that is missing. That is one thing I do not realize while teaching. I try my hardest to convince and to make it make sense logically, not to have the spirit testify...that's what I'm trying to work on now.

Honestly I'm not sure what else I can write you guys because every day in personal study I have something I could write you guys but forget once I get to the computer on Monday haha. I think Ill start writing down in my agenda so that I can remember to tell you guys it. But I have such a greater knowledge of the scriptures now and I just love them. My Bishop told us that someone stole his scriptures because they thought it was a laptop from the case he had...I honestly don't know what I would do if someone stole my English set of scriptures...I would physically cry... I hope you received my package mom and dad? Let me know when or IF you get it...haha you can't trust anything that has to do with Bolivia.

Love you all,
Elder Ure

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