Monday, April 1, 2013

4/1/2013 Commandment of Marriage

Hey so the internet was down and I do not have much time...

but something interesting I learned this week in my personal study...

Many of the couples here are not married...if I had to guess 75 percent of them... so that means they are breaking the law of chastity... which obviously means they cant get baptized..

I found in 4 nephi 1:11,15,16 it talks about the happiness and blessings the nephites had by following the commandment of marriage. Its great to share with my investigators...but for you all. Maybe sometimes we dont realize why our lives our so blessed...little things like that, that was just do because we know we need to are why we recieve such great blessings. I guess what I am trying to say is its easy to take for granted learning, growing up with, and knowing the commandments of God. That is one of the problems here in Bolivia. Many of the members are first generation members...converts in their familys. They never did grow up with the "Law of Chastity". Now I know why its so important for me to share with everyone I possible can what I know.

I love you all...
Elder Ure

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