Monday, March 18, 2013

3/18/2013 Senior Comp/Toenail!

So kinda a lot has happened family,

So remember I said I wasnt going to leave this area without baptizing that girl? Well....i left hahha.

They pulled me out of the area yet AGAIN! They either trust that I can adapt fast to a new area or Im doing something really really wrong in every area. I Have been in four different areas in the last month. I am now finally senor companion with another american. He reminds me a lot of Zach Connell. Our spanish just barely gets us through the day but its good. There is a lot of pòtential in this area. For one, because its MASSIVE. This area is so big. But also because the days I could work this week (ill talk more about why I couldnt work later) we had some lessons with different people that I believe we will baptize. We had a lesson wiht one couple thats not married but is excited to be married. They have gone to church twice and have a testimoney. They just need an extra push to follow through with the marriage. We are working with a return missionary with them that was married in the temple and lives very close to them so we will see where it goes. But then we also had a lesson with the dad of a teenager who has been coming to church alot and has a testimoney and wants to get baptized. I dont think his dad will get baptized but he gave us permission to baptize his son. His son has a lot of support in the church so Im not worried about him becoming inactive. We just need to have another lesson with him a set a date with him. And lastly, we asked a teenage girl in the ward for a reference and she had an EXCELLENT one. That very same moment (when we had a H.P. with us so we werent breaking any rules) we went with her to her friends house, taught her and she was very interested. Next day, came to church, brought her brother too AND told us about another reference and is going to bring them to church ALSO sunday. We need to talk to her parents but from what we have heard it dosent sound like they should be a problem either.

So my zone leader here was assistant but only has a little bit of time left so now is a ZL. He seriously is a legend in this mission. EVERYONE knows about him and talks about him. Hes from Iowa and he had 6 months in Montero, Estacion (my first area where I was for 5 months) so we automatically are good friends. But its a lot of pressure to start off being a senor companion with him as the ZL ha. But its good. Its a good oportunity to learn a lot.

So we couldnt work saturday or sunday because I had to get my Big toe nail taken in bolivia is NOT a good idea. They put in two shots in the side of the toe and not ten seconds letter the doctor ripped off my big toe nail with I dont know what but it hurt like a freakin....yeah. So Sister Calderon (Presidents wife) told me we couldnt work for two days. It still hurts a  lot today but I have to return to the doctor in the afternoon and see whats up.. Here is a picture of my toe nail earlier in the week before it got infected. I hit it really hard on a wall last monday when we were playing soccer....

But guess what? ELder Bednar and Christopherson are coming to my misison next month!! I get to meet them. Every one is pretty jacked up here about it. Cant wait. But Dont really have anytihng elder to write you guys....Love you all.

Elder Ure

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