Monday, February 4, 2013

2/4/2013 Training in a Group of 3

Hey so I didn't get a chance to do internet last week so I had a TON of emails to catch up on and now I have 5 minutes.

So I ate cow tongue and stomach...both are very nasty. The stomach tasted like the smell of the Ure ranch.

Thank you for the extra money because my camera broke (not for my fault) and its costed 200 bolivianos to get it fixed

Numbers of lessons don't matter to me anymore as long as we are working are butts off. Its frustrating to call three members every day and have them all say they can help with a lesson and then call back and say they cant.

Chapter 2 of second Nephi blows my mind!!! I think mom you talked to me about it but I forgot what it was about and its incredible. I feel like my conversion to the gospel has been made complete through the scriptures like my patriarichal blessings says will happen. 

So I'm in a three some now and one of them is a newbie so we are training him. I just got done with my training and now I get to watch someone else being trained, but my comp that is doing the training is a space cadet and I feel like the older companion always- its good through. I'm being prepared for the huge group of new missionaries coming in. I'm going to have to do something. I'm almost positive I'm going to have to train. I basically am now, but don't have the pressure of the title haha,

So I don't have anymore time. But I love you all and I'll talk more about everything next week.

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