Monday, January 21, 2013

1/21/2013 Toughest Week So Far


This week was probably the toughest thus far of my mission. It started out with not having any lessons and not being able to find any one. That's very tough for me because my companion is district leader and seeing every one else's numbers with lessons and contacts made it a competitive thing for me. I know it shouldn't be but that's how I am. In my mind "we got destroyed" by the other companionships in our district. I know its not because we aren't working. We need to change tactics on how we are finding people because obviously knocking doors in my area doesn't work. I was talking with the assistant to the president who was in my area for three transfers like me and he said they only had one baptism by knocking obviously we've got to go through the members. So Wednesday and Thursday we couldn't work because we had to go into Santa Cruz and do immigration stuff that was very frustrating because I knew we needed to be working. So Friday and Saturday we finally had normal days and then Saturday night I threw up three times. So Sunday we didn't work because I was very sick.

Satan did just about everything he could this week to prevent us from finding, teaching, and bringing people to Christ  It was one of the most trying times in my mission thus far. I'm just glad that I have this next week to get right back at it. I honestly don't have anything else to tell you guys...haha sorry. Don't have many words to share.

Elder Ure

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