Monday, February 18, 2013

2/18/2012 - Elder Taylor

Hey dad so I didnt have time to read that but I took a picture of it so I can write you guys..

So lots has happened since last time I had internet time. There was a holiday called carnival here, and its crazy its for three days and its basically an excuse to be a jerk to perfect strangers...they through water balloons at eachother in the streets, water guys with paint in them and its absolutley crazy and dangerous. So we couldnt leave our houses for three days because of that.

Well after those three days with my companions we finally baptized that girl that has 18 years that I have been teaching for my entire time in montero. She always wanted to be baptized but wanted her parents to be happy with her decision. They still werent happy but they came regardeless!! That was be parting gift from the Lord my area of Estacion..

Yup that means I left my first area, I was part of an emergency transfer they call it and so now I am in Santa Cruz in the outskirts. Im with Elder Taylor...his Uncle Del Rinquest, of the Woodstock ward you guys know him huh? Kinda funny. But he is from west valley utah and has one transfer less than me. But he is already ready to train! He has better spanish than me and is VERY obedient. I know I have said in the past that my companions were really obedient but I soon found out that they werent haha, but for sure we are very obedient, thats not going to change. Its a blessing to have a companion that has the same work ethic as me and has the desire to serve the lord.

We are really working ourselves hard and at the end of the day I can hardly move...he ran track long distance for BYU so he has tons of energy to just go and go and go... But I dont really have anything else to say other than Im learning this new area and the people that we are trying to help come to Christ. 

I Love you all,
Elder Ure

p.s. Its getting harder and harder to write in english haha..oh and one more thing Elder Taylor and I NEVER talk in english because its a rule ha!

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