Monday, January 7, 2013

1/7/2013 Working With New Converts

So this week it rained a lot and every time it rains our house fills up with water. And some how my scriptures fell on the floor. SO when I got back from a long day I came home to my book of Mormon that I've had since I was 8 was dripping wet. I had TONS of notes and scriptures highlighted and about 50 percent were erased.. It was kind of devastating.. But its dry now and it gives me another opportunity to go through and look at what scriptures really mean a lot to me.

Something not so serious that happened this you guys know how sometimes I shout in my sleep? Well my companion told me I did that one night... but it was in Spanish haha- sleep talking in Spanish never in a million years would I dream that I would do that haha.

But I just want to write real quick a awesome experiences I had this week with recent converts. The first was with a 23 year old recent convert. He was baptized about 9 months ago and he came with us to a lady. We were talking about the church of Christ and she seemed REALLY disinterested. Then the convert started saying something that had no relevance to the lesson but she started really paying attention and looked interested. He talked basically all about the church in a nutshell which I don't know if was good or bad in the long run but she was very interested and they actually ping ponged a little bit back and forth. So it was good to see how a convert knows what the investigator feels and that we should work with them more.

And then the other experience is with Davy. The new convert. He received the priesthood yesterday and Saturday when he was with us in a lesson he told us hes going on a mission!! He was golden for two lessons we had that day- he shared he experience with praying for an answer to the church and the investigators saw that its a real thing and they too can receive answers. 

Working with recent converts if its the right situation is ideal- that's what I learned this week. Don't know why my computer wont read my camera but yea that's Bolivia  But The experiences I'm having regarding the truths of the gospel make this crappy country bearable to live in.

Love you all.
Elder Ure

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