Monday, December 31, 2012

12/31/2012 After Christmas/Davy

Hey family,

It was SO great to see and hear from you guys for Christmas  It kinda of recharged my batteries in a sense. guy pretty much know everything up to that day. But you don't know about the rest of the week.

So this week we were lacking lessons and people that in the future are possible candidates for baptism. People that will actually come to church follow the commandments etc , we contacted 145 people this week and don't have any one with baptisms for next month. That's a problem. Obviously we are working but whats the point of walking around knocking on doors if you aren't sharing the message of the restored gospel? So it was a bit frustrating. But our reward at the end of the week was our baptism with Davy.

Davy without a doubt will be my strongest convert on my mission. He is ridiculously smart with the gospel and a fast learner. He has a bunch of friends in Santa Cruz that are members and because of them we started teaching him. They came to his baptism and so did his family. The only adversity he has is his family. You can probably guess what religion they are if they are a problem. Yup, Catholics- but to him it doesn't matter, he knows its true and he cant turn back know from the light of Christ that is now in his life. After his baptism his sister told him "Thanks for inviting me to your down fall" Cold right? I couldn't believe it either. And after his mom gave him a hug with tears in her eyes...and I'm guessing those tears were not from feeling the spirit...

But because of that he has a very strong testimony  I think that we take for granted the knowledge and light of enlightenment we have in our lives. Celeste sent me a quote from President Hinckley about that. We should take a step back and try to image our lives without ALL that we have in the form of our spiritual well being. Big difference huh?

Thanks for being my family.

p.s. the picture of the bug- I was walking home last night and I heard this guy fall out of a tree..haha ya I HEARD not saw him fall out of a tree. They have really hard shells for backs and one time I even saw one the whole length of my hand not just my palm.

And there's the Ostridge pictures too :)

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