Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Dad- my area is called Montero; Estacion. My Mission president is awesome but dosent speak any english so the first time (only time) i met him it was a bit difficult to communicate. But we get a new mission president in six months to. My companion is latino, has 17 months on his mission, and is really patient with me. I think I am picking up the language but VERY slowly. I have all these great things in my head I was to say but its tough for me to express my conviction of this gospel at times. The banks have ac but no where else haha the water is not okay to drink but the mtc gave us filters for us to use. I think that is why pop is so big here, im not sure.We did recieve the ensign but its in espanol- haha funny what you said about the holy ghost in your last letter because this week I read that that is the one sin you cant be forgiven of, denying the holy ghost- we actually did teach our intigators about the spirit alot this week.
Do I have a number with this credit card? Oh and also for christmas can you send me powder gatorade? I sweat so much here and loose alot.
Anyway, my first week here we had a 14 year old boy walk up to us and say "I have been looking for you guys, I was taking the discussions and then you had exchanges and you had sister missionaries (I guess he didn't like talking with them haha) and so I was waiting for you guys." He really wants to be baptized so his date is December 4th, his birthday. but the last lesson with him he asked "How can someone change, what do they need to do?" what a profound question for a 14 year old- it made me wonder what I was thinking about that age, I can assure you not about something that deep.
So every missionary needs scripture cases because their pages get all bent up in there back pack with out them. So there is a guy that makes leather scripture cases for everyone with what ever image burned/drawn into the leather for the bible I chose john the baptist baptizing jesus, and for the book of mormon I chose the 2000 strippling warriors because thats my favorite. But the back is ALIGATOR skin haha im pretty excited.

Thats about it im just really excited for our investigators with dates for baptism and everything is going good here!
Elder Ure

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