Friday, November 16, 2012

11/16/2012 The Gospel Ties Everything Together

Hey mom and family

mom- don't send that gatorade for some reason we cant drink gatorade haha..really weird rule but Im trying to be obedient ha. But maybe some one can put together a book of pictures from this year for our family like last year..just a tiny one. If not because you guys are really busy that's fine because I understand you have the wedding and comp just loves looking through our blog book I brought.

So this week was crazy! Tuesday night it DOWN POURED I mean I have never seen anything like it..The streets turned to rivers and that is not an exaggeration  But then the next day we had exchanges and they put me and another new guy together but the other new guy is latino and speaks very slurred spanish it was awful to understand him haha. But we got to our house that has a gate in front and we couldn't get it open..its still pouring rain at this point. So twenty minutes later...I broke the key. haha yeah not good- so I climbed the side of this house next to our gate and jumped over.. it was a very interesting day to say the least.

But last night at a member's house they gave us some coconuts and a knife and said have at it and we ate coconuts hahaha not for dinner but just for a snack. pretty fun.

This week was pretty disappointing. A bunch of our investigators took some steps back..either didn't attend church or their parents don't want them to be baptized..different things. We have to  work that much harder this week because the advisory is working very hard on them.

The Gospel is so amazing because ever aspect of it ties together. And that's so much easier to see when you are teaching it and have to answer questions. Its more like a circle of events rather than a timeline. It all just makes sense..but the people here need to be taught like little children because they have a tough time understand concepts.

But yeah I still need to write the president so I don't really have any more time. Any more questions that any one wants answered?

Love Elder Ure

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